Websites & eCommerce

Why Taking Your Business Online Is Essential

Broader Market Reach

Extend your reach beyond local boundaries to a global audience, operating 24/7 without geographical limitations.

Increased Sales Opportunities

Open up new sales channels through e-commerce, reducing the friction in the purchasing process and potentially increasing sales volume.

Streamlined Operations

Automate and streamline business processes from inventory management to order fulfillment, improving efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Enhanced Customer Insights

Utilize analytics tools to gain deeper insights into customer behavior, preferences, and feedback, enabling data-driven decisions.

Streamlined Web &
e-commerce Tech Stack

Our tech stack specializes in web and e-commerce, featuring HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, WordPress, and WooCommerce, supported by AWS, Azure, and GCP. We focus on responsive, secure platforms, integrating Google Analytics and GPT for enhanced data analysis and user engagement, ensuring efficient and innovative online solutions.

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The Core of Your Online Success - Tailored Inventory, CRM, and Booking Solutions

Inventory Management

Automates real-time inventory tracking and management for e-commerce, ensuring accurate stock levels on websites to avoid over-selling and streamline order fulfillment.

Sales and CRM

Enhances customer experiences on e-commerce sites with personalized communication, targeted promotions, and efficient customer service, driving sales and loyalty.

Custom Booking and Appointment Setting

Offers customizable tools for service bookings and appointments directly on websites, automating scheduling to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Our Inventory Management Module is designed for flexible integration with various e-commerce platforms, ensuring accurate and real-time inventory tracking across your online store.

With our API module cosmos can be integrated with your existing platforms.

Absolutely. This module is highly customizable to suit various industry needs, from healthcare to hospitality, facilitating efficient online booking and scheduling services.

  • No, Cosmos modules are optimized for performance, ensuring they enhance functionality without compromising your website’s speed or user experience.

Yes, we provide comprehensive support for setup, integration, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring a smooth experience for businesses adopting these modules.

The module automates and personalizes customer communications, tracks interactions, and supports targeted promotions, helping businesses enhance engagement and loyalty.

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