Fuel Ordering System

In a significant step towards digital transformation, s11.mt developed an advanced fuel ordering system for a major fuel distributor, aimed at streamlining their fuel ordering and distribution process. Our objective was to create a system that not only enhanced efficiency but also introduced a level of user-friendliness and precision previously unattainable in their operations.


  • Need for efficient, user-friendly fuel ordering and distribution system.
  • Requirement for a system to intelligently manage fuel delivery based on various factors.
  • The complexity of incorporating diverse delivery schedules and quantities.

Our Solution

  • Developed a custom web portal using the Cosmos platform for flexible form creation.

  • Created a comprehensive mobile app using Flutter for real-time maintenance updates.

  • Customizable web portal for admin control
  • Mobile app for streamlined field reporting
  • Integrated role-based access to distinguish admin and field technician functions


Enhanced Delivery Precision

Implemented a system that accurately sorts and schedules fuel deliveries, reducing errors and improving service reliability.

Cost-Effective Operations

Achieved operational cost savings through streamlined order management and efficient delivery planning.

Increased Client Satisfaction

Improved customer satisfaction due to more reliable and timely fuel deliveries, enhancing the overall service experience.

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