E-Commerce Solution for a Pet Retailer

In a significant step towards digital transformation, s11.mt developed an advanced fuel ordering system for a major fuel distributor, aimed at streamlining their fuel ordering and distribution process. Our objective was to create a system that not only enhanced efficiency but also introduced a level of user-friendliness and precision previously unattainable in their operations.


  • Need for efficient integration from online order to warehouse management and dispatch.
  • Requirement for seamless interfacing with existing accounting and warehousing software.

Our Solution

  • Developed two distinct online platforms for B2C and B2B audiences.
  • Implemented a friendly, intuitive design for B2C, and a professional, detail-focused design for B2B.
  • Utilized Cosmos, Node.js, and MongoDB for robust, scalable platforms.


Enhanced Digital Presence

Marked improvement in client’s online visibility and operational efficiency.

Streamlined Operational Flow

Smoother transition from online orders to warehouse management.

Continual Support and Evolution

Ongoing partnership for updates and support, aligning with the client’s business growth.

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