Clinic Scheduling & Booking System

Doctonica is a booking platform for medical appointments that allows patients to easily search for available medical service providers in Malta, view schedules, and book appointments instantly for free.


  • Creating a unified platform for clinics with variable doctor schedules and locations.


  • Designing a custom calendar system to manage diverse appointment types and lengths.


  • Ensuring the system’s capability to grow and adapt to future needs.

Our Solution

  • Developed a versatile platform using the Cosmos platform, allowing clinics to sign up and manage operations.


  • Designed a dynamic calendar system for appointment management.


  • Utilized Flutter to create a cross-platform client-facing app for appointment bookings.


Streamlined Clinic Management

Delivered an integrated system that streamlined clinic management and improved patient booking experience.

Enhanced Patient Booking Experience

Provided an onboarding portal for easy clinic registration and information submission.

Digital Transformation in Operations

Facilitated a digital transformation in clinic operations, enhancing overall efficiency.

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