Why Cosmos?

The pressure of deadlines is a common experience, and it was during such a moment that Cosmos was first conceptualized.
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Maurovic Cachia

Deadlines. If you’re like me, your life is built around deadlines. There is a pressure that comes with those. There is also a specific feeling that comes with them, a feeling that most people describe as ‘the calm before the storm’. It was precisely during such a moment, that Cosmos (or more precisely, its very very first predecessor) was first conceptualized in our minds.

How can you continue to support your current projects, while still hitting your deadlines on the new projects? You could scale your workforce, but could easily become unsustainable, with project EoLs (End of Life) and extended development cycles. No, we needed to optimize our time, so that supporting one project could result in supporting all projects, and where the development of a new project could result in the extension of existing projects.

Enter Cosmos 🚀

The concept was simple. Find that which is shared between all our projects, and consolidate it. Build it well, support it, and all the projects that depend on it will inadvertently be supported as well. It’s far from a new concept. It’s quite possibly the oldest concept in software development. But that doesn’t make it simple. It’s very easy to find that which is common between all projects, but it’s a whole different ball game to build these common components while keeping them simple, scalable, and customizable. There is also the matter of understanding what these ‘components’ are going to be. Would they be pieces of UI? Would they be backend Services? A mixture of the two? So why? Why go through the trouble of tackling this complex problem, rather than just continuing to build client projects directly? Integrity.

With Cosmos, we can maintain our high standards for tailor-made solutions while supporting our loyal clients. Each new client will receive a reliable, cutting edge and battle-tested platform, from which to evolve their own solution with us, while our current clients can rest assured, knowing that their Cosmos platform will continue to grow and be maintained long after that first development cycle!

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